• Steven Forrest

    Steven Forrest may have a long waiting list, but a reading from this expert Evolutionary Astrologer and Teacher is well worth the wait. Steven's Apprenticeship Program is in a class all to itself. Visit his site for info on one of the richest astrological trainings available.
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  • Demetra George

    Perhaps best known for her work with asteroids, Demetra now stands at the helm of a new frontier of exploration into the techniques of traditional astrology - teachings we haven't had access to for hundreds of years...
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  • Lynn Bell

    Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology for more than 25 years.
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  • ONLINE | May 7, 2015
    The Transits of Uranus: Awaken the Inner Genius TELECLASS with Rhea Wolf
    Want to know how to awaken your inner-genius? Come explore the planet Uranus in astrology to better understand the cycles of liberation in your chart. Uranus rules sudden insight and individual freedom – but can feel like the Tower card in the Tarot deck where everything comes crashing down. Between the ages of 40-42, everyone goes through a “Uranus Opposition,” also known as the Mid-Life Crisis. See where Uranus lives in your Natal Chart and find out what this opposition means to you. Questions for reflection and a guided meditation will help you develop awareness of patterns you are ready to shed and to awaken to your unique spark of creativity.
  • ONLINE | May 9, 2015
    Part 11 of Wheel of Life: The Eleventh House with Demetra George
    Join Demetra for another fascinating exploration into the archaeology of astrological house significations. The daimon was an important and complex concept in ancient literature and philosophy. Among its meanings was that of a winged semi-divine spirit who accompanied human souls, offering protection and riches. These good daimons stand behind the house of friends, companions on the path who assist us in the fulfillment our wishes and dreams for a better future.
  • Portland, OR | May 9-10, 2015
    The Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference returns for its second year! Join Judith Hill and Matthew Wood for a weekend of traditional medical astrology and herbalism.
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